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What is the Potential of Internet Marketing in 2018

Internet marketing which can also be referred to as digital marketing, web marketing or e-marketing is an all-inclusive term that deals with marketing of products and services online. The apparent purpose of Internet marketing is to sell goods, services or advertise over the internet in a way that enables a company to communicate a message about itself of even carry out research. Internet marketing is one of the most important ways to discover the wants and needs of a marketing segment or a means to identify a target market. Some of the strategies through which internet marketing can be used to market products or services are SEO(search engine optimization), website design strategies, reciprocal linking, online promotions, social media, email marketing, pay per click advertisement, video/podcasting, affiliate programs, article marketing, etc.

How Important is Digital Marketing?

According to Link Humans, it was estimated that about 3 billion people nationwide have internet access as at 2016. This population has increased over the years and thus giving marketers an unprecedented number of customers to reach out to with their products and services in 24 hours 7 days.

Marketing faces several challenges, and perhaps the greatest amongst them in 2018 is the ability to transform traditional marketing strategies in order to embrace the opportunities that are offered by a digital age. In 2018, there are digital marketing trends that have the potential to generate increased revenue and unlock hidden sales potentials. They include the following:

  • Optimizing for voice: the general way in which people search for information online is changing, with voice search becoming the most predominant method of searching online in 2018. Chatting to technology is now the norm with the invention of Amazon Echo, Google voice, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Marketing strategies need to adapt to the increasing percentage of voice searches. The big change for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the use of keywords, where many people want direct answers to questions that they ask and the ability to access the answers without much stress. To achieve this, internet marketing will help provide apt information about the target audience, what they search for, how they search and how they talk. 2018 should see brands working hard to stand out from the noise.
  • Mobile Marketing is imperative: Mobile devices have become an indispensable medium for internet marketing in 2018. It is a fact that no one goes anywhere without his phone and it has become so noticeable that even the casual observers will notice that. This potential has created a tremendous internet marketing opportunities through the delivery of content that is suitably designed for mobile applications. The days of searching the internet only through a desktop computer are gone.
  • Integrating with Social Messaging Applications: in 2018, there is an increase in the use of social media applications to share product information, and marketers need to write contents for this platforms. The platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The contents can be used to present the latest information about products and developments through the use of short messages that creates awareness. The contents can also be used to generate brand awareness and loyalty through a social outreach program that benefits communities.
  • Marketing Automation and Chatbots: A chatbot is computer software that communicates with someone using text or audio. Chatbot platforms are continually improving, and there are many organizations that are using them. Research predicts that by 2022 chatbots will achieve a 93% messaging success in banking and healthcare interactions. Chatbots can be great for international marketing apart from being used in call centers. 2018 will see chatbots develop to a point where they will become so important and useful for both brands and customers alike. It is estimated that by 2025 the global chatbot market should reach $1.23billion.
  • Creating Multimedia contents: one of the most wonderful ways to visually motivate and present a concept is through the use of video. In a research carried out, it is reported that about 80% of customers prefer to watch a product video than to read about the product. One of the most interesting facts is that mobile devices are the most used platforms for viewing these videos. These trends show that successful device marketing strategy must include video contents on web pages as well as social media.
  • Search Engine Marketing: the marketing of an organization is as good as dead if they can’t be found on google. SEO is vital as this helps one to know and understand how Google does ranking using product and service review, page speed and mobile experience.
  • Augmented Reality: after years of experience about the impact of Internet marketing on marketing, 2018 should see augmented reality’s(AR) potential take shape. AR is about to become a much more commonplace as the number of potential users of AR is potentially staggering. How much of an Impact AR will have to the average brand in helping them to go forward remains to be seen, but at the end of 2018, we should have a better idea.
  • Emphasis on quality over quantity: as content marketing has emerged and digital marketing has developed, the world has become full of second-rated contents. Many contents are put out there with quantity over quality. One of the potentials of internet marketing in 2018 is a shift in the mindset of content marketers; organizations should focus on putting out quality even if it comes at the expense of volume(quantity). 2018 should be the year that most brands realize the power of “less is more.”

These trends listed above demonstrates the importance of embracing digital marketing as an integral part of the marketing thrust of an organization. While it is unlikely to state that chatbots will replace most sales representatives soon, It is important to note the sales representatives are part of human capital. At the end of 2018, it is estimated that most brands will step out of their digital zone to meet customers offline. Even online first brands will feel the pressure to commit the physical versions of themselves so that customers will experience them in the flesh. This will be done digitally through the used tech to bridge their online origins with their newfound physical personas. All of this are potentials which shows that tailored online experiences between businesses and customers are more important and increasing than ever.


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