The idea of “” comes from the research i did on which gaming headset is the best for ps4, and i also see that many PS4/Xbox gamers are asking the same question: “what gaming headset do i buy?”, and i know there are lots of gaming headset guides that have been posted before. However, the ones i’ve seen are either outdated or lack the best options or most of them were paid reviews and guides. so i figured “hey, why don’t i do something different about it”

So, here we go.

To get started, i devoted a lot of time to making the unbiased best gaming headset as the first buying guide, i know i’m not the first to address this, but i expect to make this blog is the last destination for you guys when you are seeking the best and honest information about the products before buying . And really hope that helps.

About me

Shawn Moore, a 33 years old engineer and a tech gears enthusiast.