The 10 Best Hair Dryers of 2020 – Buying Guide

best hair dryer

The best solution to the frizzy hair or the wet hair is the blow dryer. Most of us like to have a celebrity-like hairstyle, and you can have it at your home without visiting a parlor. Use a best hair dryer every day and set a unique style for your hair.

To choose a right hair dryer, you may try to check out various criteria- speed, temperature or heat settings, nozzle options, cord length, durability and many more. We have picked some reliable hair dryers for you to make a thorough assessment of all these aspects. You may have curly or naturally straight hair, your hair texture is also different. We have searched for blow dryers that work for every hair type. The best fact is that these technologically advanced dryer won’t damage your hair in any way. Now, it’s your time to make the right purchase.

The 10 Best Hair Dryers in 2020

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

The Best Hair Dryer with Nano Technology in 2020

BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer Nano Titanium

Special Features: Nano Titanium technology
Speed Settings: 3   Heat Settings: 3   Max Power: 2000 W
Warranty: 4 years   Cord Length: 9 ft

Reasons to Purchase

  • Make hair shiny and smooth
  • Dries very fast without a lot of heat
  • It’s really quiet
  • 6 heat/speed settings

Reasons to Avoid

  • Exterior parts get heated
With light blue colored design, this Titanium hair dryer is one of the new and powerful products, offered by BaByliss. Due to the lightweight, compact structure, this dryer has gained the attention of several users. You can find two buttons in this hair dryer : One of them is for controlling heat, while the other one is for regulating the air flow.

This device can perform its function at about 2000 W, and this is more potential than any ordinary hair dryer. It also works at a faster rate, without causing damage to the hair.

The hair dryer has six options for adjusting the speed and heat. You may choose the fastest speed and the highest amount of heat for achieving the best results. You can then try out other settings to realize the difference you get in the hair. It can take much longer time. However, it may add shine and softness to the hair.

Like other hair dryers, there is another button: cool shot, and it is intended for blasting the cool air. While you have dried the hair, it is now the right time to increase the shine, get an unparalleled result from using this device. This cool shot function is also able to set a unique style for the hair, and it is better to use hairspray at that time to hold the style strongly throughout a day. You may also use the system after treating your hair with straightener or hair curler.

The manufacturer has used patented Nano Titanium technology as titanium has the capacity of higher conductivity of heat. The device can blow up the negative ions. Styling can cause the positive ions to get accumulated in your hair, and it results in the frizzy hair strands. The addition of several negative ions is helpful neutralization of this static charge, and you will ultimately get shiny looking hair.

As one of the best hair dryers, it has ionic potentials, and helps you to straighten your hair. An ion generator is fitted to the device, and it is able to turn out lots of ions.

Editor’s Verdict

This Nano Titanium hair dryer works best for all women and men’s hair. Reduce your time for drying hair with this device. Attach the cord to the power source, and this long cord enables you in controlling the device in any way.


2. Elchim Classic 2001

A heavy duty, but well-made and powerful hair dryer

BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer  Elchim Classic 2001
Special Features: High precision nozzle  Speed Settings: 2  Heat Settings: 5
Max Power: 2400 W  Cord Length: 9 ft  Motor Life: Over 2000 working hours

Reasons to Purchase

  • Very quiet motor
  • Come with different settings for airflow
  • Designed with Italian engineering

Reasons to Avoid

  • Does not have a button for cool shot
  • Diffuser system separately sold
Elchim has become one of the reputed brands, manufacturing high quality hair dryer. The device is created with an Italian engineering process, and that’s why it has become much different from the other ordinary devices. The front part of this hair dryer is much narrow, and it is intended to channel higher level of air pressure and heat.

You have the option of fitting a concentrator nozzle, working with a high precision, it can reduce the time for drying the hair. This special nozzle can add heat concentration on the smaller portion of the hair for the optimal efficiency level.

The motor system of the dryer works effectively, and most of the users have found that it is long lasting. It does not turn out much sound while performing its functions. This is one of the positive aspects of the hair dryer. The nose design of the dryer is also unique, causing an increased flow of air. The air force, created due to this design, can be more than 1400 liters on every minute.

Elchim Classic is designed in a special way for drying your wet hair very fast. Thus, after having your bath every day, you can dry the hair instantly, and brush it with your comb. In addition to it, the blend of black and red in the device structure has made the product look attractive. This blow dryer works with serious level of heat (2400 watts) for treating your hair.

However, you will also be able to adjust the heat with 5 settings. Whether you have wavy hair or normal hair, you may use this device for the best result. The heat level can be low, high or medium. The fan motor can work at two different speeds for controlling the flow of air. The availability of all these settings has made the product highly versatile.

Among other features, we have noted the lengthy cord, which is nine feet in length. The lint filter is removable. We have compared this product to Elchim 3900. The buttons for model 2001 are at the rear side of the handle, while for model 3900, they are on its side. Airflow is also slightly higher in case of Elchim 3900. Still, Elchim 2001 is popular to lots of users.

Editor’s Verdict

Elchim has become one of the known brands to the hairstylists. With heat and airflow speed control systems and other features, its 2001 model is really highly functional.


3. Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe

A best hair dryer for styling

Panasonic Hair Drye EH-NA65-K Nanoe
Special Features: Nano-e steam  Speed Settings: 2  Heat Settings: 3
Max Power: 1875 W  Cord Length: 9 ft

Reasons to Purchase

  • Nanoe technology integrated hair dryer
  • Adds moisture to the hair
  • Does not cause any damage to the hair
  • Different settings to adjust the heat

Reasons to Avoid

  • No option of various colors
  • Should be more durable
We have chosen it as the most powerful and one model of the best hair dryers. This device works with the power of 1,875W, and is the right choice for any type of hair. This amount of power indicates that the system has high capacity of drying the coarse and thick hair very fast.

While you have thin hair, you can set the heat to the low level. There are three heat setting options, you may choose low, average or high settings.

Quick-Dry Nozzle helps you in drying your hair at a faster rate, concentrator Nozzle is best for styling your hair precisely. You can use the concentrator to treat the particular parts of the hair. The Diffuser decreases the hair frizz and increases hair volume.

The hair dyer has cool shot system, preventing the hair strands from getting over-dried. Thus, choose the right settings, and make your own hairstyle.

The motor system of this hair dryer creates sound of 87 db, and thus, it does not cause annoyance to you. While assessing this device, we have seen that it is much lightweight and highly balanced.

However, the uniqueness is in the presence of the Nanoe technology. This is a special heating technology, where the system emits moisture and air for strengthening the hair. Due to this moisture, your hair will look healthy and shiny. The hair strands won’t get broken very easily, the manufacturer has claimed that the device adds 1,000 times more moisture to your hair strands than any regular blow dryer.

Thus, you have an option of doing anything with your hair by using this versatile hair dryer. The device is designed to nurture the hair strands from the root portion to the ends.

Now, let us talk about the design of your Nanoe blow dryer. It looks nothing different from most other hair driers, available in the market. The air filter, included in it, is detachable, and you will be able to clean it regularly. There is a power cord of almost nine feet in length. Fit the cord to the outlet, and turn on the action of the dryer.

Panasonic has designed its hair dryer with a combination of pink and black. There is a loop that helps you in hanging the dryer in a hook conveniently, store the device at the safest place.

Editor’s Verdict

Panasonic Nanoe is one of the potential hair dryers with a scientifically tested design. The package includes various accessories to help the users in using this best hair dryer easily. The motor of this blow dryer also works well without affecting the quality of your hair.


4. Twin Turbo 3200

A perfect hair dryer for curly hair

Twin Turbo 3200
Special Features: Ionic heating technology  Speed Settings: 2
Heat Settings: 2  Max Power: 1900 W  Cord Length: 6 ft

Reasons to Purchase

  • The temperature is controllable
  • Come with a thermal protection function

Reasons to Avoid

  • Nozzle will fall off while bumped
  • No diffuser
We have chosen Twinturbo 3200 as one of the best hair dryers in this list. With an output of high amount of air, this best hair dryer is able to offer you unique result. If you have thick, curly, long hair, you may rely on this device to enjoy its magical result.

The most important feature is that this device is capable of drying your hair at a very fast rate. At the same time, it is useful to retain the healthy look of the hair.

The weight of this device is not more than 1 pound, and due to its compact shape, you may carry the system to any place without much effort. Lots of professional hair specialists have chosen this device for the salon treatment. However, you may also use it at your home.

As this device is very lightweight, you will be able to hold it for a longer time and move it to any direction for treating all the parts of the hair. You won’t feel fatigued or strain on your arm. In addition to it, there is an ergonomic handle that assists you in gripping the unit in a very comfortable way. You will also easily find buttons for controlling the temperature.

This ceramic hair dryer uses ionic heating technology, and this feature has made the product unique in every way. This component is preferable to the hair specialists. After every use, you will be able to retain the natural moisture and shine of your hair, so this sophisticated hair dryer won’t cause harm to the hair.

The manufacturer has offered different other accessories with this package. One of them is the concentrator, which is useful for the general purpose. There are also two options for setting the speed of air flow. The faster flow of air helps in drying the hair very fast. For controlling temperature, there are four settings, and it enables you to choose the right one for various purposes.

Another good feature of this hair dryer is that it is integrated with a thermal protection system. This safety controller unit, present in the device, helps in preventing the risk of overheating. You may use the system for long hours without much concern.

Editor’s Verdict

When you are looking for a hair dryer with simple but effective performance, i am sure this device is best for you. It is packed with various useful features, and thus, i think that you will never be disappointed by investing on this device.


5. T3 Featherweight 2

A best lightweight hair dryer for fine hair

T3 Hair Dryer Featherweight 2
Special Features: SoftAire technology  Speed Settings: 2  Heat Settings: 3
Max Power: 1800 W  Cord Length: 9 ft

Reasons to Purchase

  • Very lightweight and sleek design
  • Can retain hair moisture

Reasons to Avoid

  • Little louder noise
For those, who are looking for the most lightweight hair dryer, this T3 model is the right option. Increase the volume and shine of your hair, and reduce its frizz by using this device regularly. It is a professionally designed hair dryer, where we have found the presence of tourmaline and SoftAire technology, these technologies can sustain the healthy condition of the hair.

SoftAire technology, is also useful for the preventing the issue of over-drying. Similarly, the presence of tourmaline helps with the faster hair drying process. The device is designed to work with a power of 1,800 W, the higher wattage of this device is effective at adding strength and heat to the thicker hair. However, you may also choose the lower temperature level for treating your thinner hair.

We have tested all the features of this hari dryer, and from our assessment, we have seen that its noise level is almost 94 db. Although it is slightly noisy, this is not a high-pitched sound.

Now, in terms of settings, we have found that T3 is not much different from other similar products in the market. There are 3 settings for adjusting heat, and it ranges from 80 to 140 Fahrenheit. It is really a wide range of temperature, and helps you in choosing the accurate level of temperature that fits best for your hair.

For speed controlling also, there are two settings: Low and high. The lowest one is 16 mph, while the highest one is 23 mph.

This white colored hair dryer looks sophisticated, and its user-friendly structure has made your task easier. The weight of this device is limited to 15.3 ounces, and thus, you may choose it as one of the portable blow dryer.

Take it to any place, and add style to your hair. This dryer is equipped with one of the longest power cord with a length of about nine feet, this good length of the cord has added some versatility to your usage.

However, there is only one attachment, included in the package, and this is the concentrator, which assists you in directing the flow of air to any part of the hair.

Editor’s Verdict

T3 hair dryer is one of the compact, stylishly designed devices. For the adjustment of your frizzy hair, this gadget has all the useful features.


6. Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic

A best budget hair dryer with two nozzles

Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic
Special Features: Tourmaline and ceramic technology  Speed Settings: 2
Heat Settings: 3  Max Power: 1875 W  Cord Length: 9 ft

Reasons to Purchase

  • A pocket-friendly hair dryer
  • Come with two nozzles – Diffuser and concentrator
  • Salon professionals love it because of it’s very long cord

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not so effective for the thicker hair
This is one of the pocket-friendly hair dryer that is designed with the special tourmaline and ceramic technology. The two major features, for which this hair dryer has gained the attention of the users, are the fast-drying capacity and lightweight system.

Although the price rate of the system is reasonable, Conair has not compromised the functionality. Like most other hair dryers that we have reviewed, it has also cool shot switch. This button makes sure that your hair style is now secure after you have dried it with this dryer.

The cord length is very long, and that’s why the salon professionals love to buy it for their clients. At the time of styling, you can move the device very easily and smoothly. We know that this device is good for all hair style conscious women.

Another important feature of this hair dryer is related to speed and heat. There is an impressive heat adjustment option. Some users think that the top heat setting is the hottest option, thus, they like to reduce the heat intensity while using this device.

One of the best tips for you is that you can avoid using the highest heat setting in most of the times. Protect the elasticity and health of the hair with a control over heat contact.

When we are checking the technology, we have seen that its negative ions start counteracting the accumulated positive ions, so your hair will have no frizz.

We have already mentioned that the device is designed with tourmaline technology, and it is helpful in drying the hair very fast with the breakdown of water droplets, caused from the wet hair, and the droplets get evaporated while treated with hot air.

There are other attachments, integrated with the package. You may choose the diffuser for treating the natural wavy and curly hair strands. The air will flow over a very wide surface, it will not damage the hair.

For those, who have straight hair strands, concentrator increases the volume. Thus, after adjusting your hair with this blow dryer, you are ready to attend a party.

Editor’s Verdict

This Conair hair dryer is really one of the low-priced devices. You can use it very easily, although you may be one of the new users. Most of the customers are pleased to find different heat settings of this dryer.


7. RUSK Engineering CTC Lite

A salon-style professional hair dryer

Hair Dryer RUSK Engineering CTC
Special Features: Lightweight Ceramic  Heat / Speed Settings: 7  Max Power: 1900 W  Cord Length: 9 ft

Reasons to Purchase

  • Infused with ceramic and tourmaline
  • Farinfrared heating function

Reasons to Avoid

  • Air control button position is not so good
RUSK is one of the reputed brands to those, who like to dry their wet hair instantly. Lots of consumers have chosen it and tried out for their hair. Most of them have commented that RUSK’s product is highly useful to them to get shinier, softer and high-volume hair.

While reviewing this product, we can, at first, talk about the construction. The use of ceramic for designing the dryer has reduced the weight to almost 1 pound. It is really a unique hair dryer, working with an intricate mechanism, it has simplified your task of drying hair. And this hair dryer won’t cause any strain on the wrist or arm.

As RUSK has offered an ionic hair dryer, it produces negatives ions that can break water drops into smaller particles. In this technique, it seals the cuticles of hair, retaining moisture level in the overall process. So you will get smoother hair, and dry your hair very fast without having damage.

This hair dryer works with far-infrared heat rays that get into the outer hair cuticle. These rays have made the process very fast, it also reduces the potentials of frizzy hair. However, it is better to give a protection to your hair prior to having the direct heat contact. You may use spray as a type of protectant, whether you are straightening or blow drying, this protectant is always the best option.

RUSK Engineering CTC Lite blow dryer is designed with seven heat setting options. Cold shot is also one of those options, useful to you after drying hair, you can settle down your hairstyle with this button. Among other buttons, we have found two fan speed adjustment controls and three heat controls: Cool, Warm and Hot plus a Cold Shot button. However, some users, having thinner hair, do not get good outcome, with this device.

RUSK has added Concentrator Nozzle to its package, and it assists you in directing the air to the right portion. The cord of this hair dryer is 9 feet in length, and you can plug it easily to the outlet.

The rear filter of the device is removable, and you can clean it anytime. The handle of this hair dryer is also ergonomic, making it simple for you to hold the device. Thus, from the overall assessment, we have found this device acceptable as one of the best hair dryers in our list.

Editor’s Verdict

Try out RUSK hair dryer as one of the versatile devices to retain your hairstyle. This super lightweight device has all the features to deal with your coarse or thick hair. It has good power to perform its function within the shortest time.


8. Dyson Supersonic

Expensive but high technology

Hair Dryer Dyson Supersonic
Special Features: Stylish and unique design  Speed Settings: 3
Heat Settings: 4  Max Power: 41 AW  Cord Length: 9 ft

Reasons to Purchase

  • A very unique hair dryer with high technology and stylish design
  • Can dry your hair with ultra fast speed
  • Realy very quiet

Reasons to Avoid

  • Cords Slightly bulky (to prevent tangling)
  • No uniqueness in the temperature settings
While we think of hair dryer, we usually consider that it is an awkward looking device, consuming much space in the drawer. However, with Dyson hair dryer, you can get a unique design. It has a cool design that prevents you from the trouble of dealing with the tangled cords.

Supersonic has attracted the users due to its compact shape. Although we may not choose it for the travelers, it is still very small, and you can put it into your bag. Inside the system, there is a small, powerful motor system, working with an innovative technology.

The motor is placed in good position, enabling you to deal with this hair dryer comfortably. Usually, we find the L-shape in most of the blow dryers. However, in case of Supersonic, we have found a different model that maintains a balance in all the parts.

The manufacturer has applied Air Multiplier system, which increases the volume. You can get the fastest flowing current, which targets the particular part of your hair. The device also includes a sensor, working as heat-protection system, which prevents too much increase of the temperature level.

Another notable feature is that the dryer has magnetic attachments. They can be fitted to the front side of your blow dryer very easily. You can use its Smoothing Nozzle that helps you in drying the hair and adding a smooth look simultaneously.

The Concentrator Nozzle is smaller in size, and it is useful for better styling. The largest one of all the attachments of this hair dryer is Diffuser, it is applied to define the curls as well as to reduce the frizz.

Now, in terms of performance, Dyson has offered a hair-friendly dryer. You have to press buttons for adjusting the speed and heat. There’re 4 different levels, and for all of them, you can find the corresponding level by the indicator light.

The buttons are very small, and with regular usage, you can easily get familiar to them. For activating the device, you have to push the button towards ON. Dyson has placed each of the units in a special way to prevent the users from all the risks.

Editor’s Verdict

If you have enough budget, you can of course invest in a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, which is designed in a very different way. It is a masterpiece, created by Dyson.


9. BIO IONIC Powerlight Pro-Dryer

A very light and high quality hair dryer, best on the go

BIO IONIC Powerlight
Special Features: Ionic technology  Speed Settings: 2
Heat Settings: 3  Max Power: 1875 W  Cord Length: 9 ft
Reasons to Purchase
  • Hydrates hair with micronized molecules of water
  • 75% less energy
Reasons to Avoid
  • No swivel cord included
Shiny and frizz-free hair is always desirable to us, and we like to have it by using a high-quality hair dryer. This Pro-Dryer enables you to find both these qualities in your hair. You will have no issue while combing your hair after treating it with this dryer.

From our genuine review of this hair dryer, we can say that this is one of the lightweight devices. However, still, it is functional, working with an ionic technology. The overall design of the device is very sleek, and although you may be a new user, you may be able to use the device without issue.

In this Pro-Dryer, we have found almost all the features that must be present in a blow dryer. The speedy performance is another aspect of this Bio Ionic blow dryer. From it performance test, we can conclude that this device is really better than that of other similar products. Speed is always important to the professional hairstylists, and this Bio Ionic has this positive feature. You can smoothly move the dryer to any direction, and the device is also designed to do its function within a short time. This blow dryer will also reduce the annoying frizzes of your hair, apart from drying it fully. You can get silky, soft hair strands by using this device on a regular basis.

The A.C motor for this device is durable and robust, and thus, it lasts for several years. It also does its work without creating noise. This motor does not cause stress on the functional units of this hair dryer. However, the major problem is that it is slightly pricey.

This innovative hair dryer uses almost 75 percent less energy, in contrast to other devices. However, it is effective in performing its function. You can nourish your hair with the nanobeads of the hair dryer. This device is especially useful for those, who have applied hair dye.

There are additional nozzles, equipped with this hair dryer. One of these nozzles is useful for styling the hair, while another one is intended to dry the hair. To add more choices, you can use all other nozzles, offered by the company.

Editor’s Verdict

When you are trying to add a good device to your stock of beauty accessories, you may rely on this Pro-Dryer. This superb quality hair dryer is able to show the best result. You can pruchase it for you own purpose, or gift it to fashion conscious woman.


10. GHD Air

A little high price but really a good quality hair dryer you can rely on

Hair Dryer GHD Air
Special Features: Long-lasting AC motor  Speed Settings: 2
Heat Settings: 3  Max Power: 2100 W  Cord Length: 9 ft

Reasons to Purchase

  • Fast and easy hair drying features
  • Come with variety of nozzles

Reasons to Avoid

  • With problem in fitting the filter
GHD has claimed that it has applied highly sophisticated ionic technologies for manufacturing this dryer. This can dry the hair at a faster rate that you may not enjoy with an ordinary blow dryer. You hair will have no frizz, and you can have straight hair strands at your home, there is no risk of breaking the hair strands.

You know that the salon professionals also use blow dryer for serving their clients. Most of their dryer is bulky and weighty. However, GHD has offered you a lighter product for its users. The sound, produced from it, is also very low, and it will not cause disturbance. The cable is much longer than the cords of other regular standard hair dryer.

The nozzles, offered with the device, are of 2 different sizes. The best fact on the use of the nozzle is that you will be able to semi-straighten the hair after combing the hair constantly. You can use dryer in a diagonal way. For those, who have wavy hair, this device works well, you do not need to use hair straightener separately, and your hair will also have no split ends.

The design of this GHD hair dryer is very simple and ergonomic. You can operate the unit without any technical skill. Hold the device in the right way, and then start applying the hot air on your hair.

This device works with the 2100w power and it is able to treat the thick hair. There is a metal filter for accumulating all the dusts and you can clean the filter with the use of brush. However, few users have said that it is much tricky to fit the filter to its place after cleansing it.

The price rate of this GHD hair dryer is little high. However, still, you can realize its value after having bouncy, smooth hair. We think that you will not get disappointed from using this hair dryer.

Editor’s Verdict

Although it has similarity to other hair dryers, you can rely on this product.


In Conclusion

Thus, we have talked about all the functionalities of various hair dryers. The hair dryers have all the useful features that you need to dry hair or to add style to your hair. Although a particular blow dryer may not be good for all hair types, you can try to choose the most effective one. We have these 10 best hair dryers after reading thousands of the user’ reviews. We have found out how these products have benefitted them.

Buying Guide for Best Hair Dryer. 

1. How to purchase an appropriate hair dryer?

We like to present you with a good guide for choosing a best hair dryer from the market. As there are differences in the qualities and features, you have to know the way of purchasing the right one.

The most important trick for you is to identify your hair quality, and search for the appropriate device.

Straight hair

For this hair, you can buy a blow dryer, which is lightweight and can be hold very comfortably. The dryers, with ionic potential, can make your hair straighter and smoother.

Wavy hair

Choose a device, which is able to dry your hair very slowly. You can use diffuser for this type of hair and make the curls more voluminous.

Fine or thin hair

The blow dryer, having narrow concentrator, can give good look to the hair. At a very low temperature, you can dry the hair to prevent the strands from getting broken.

Hair with frizz

In this case also, narrow concentrator is must for drying every part of the hair. Do not over-dry the hair.

While searching for hair dryers, you can find lots of technical terms, like nanoe, ionic, ceramic and tourmaline. We have informed you the details of all those technologies to realize the effectiveness and functionality of every hair dryer.

Blow dryers with ionic technology

They discharge negative ions that break the positive water molecules. However, these hair dryers may not be good for too much thick or frizzy hair. The level up to which the warm air is emitted is related to the material, used for heating coil. Moreover, these dryers may not be chosen as the good hair styling system. You can buy them for fine or thin hair.

Ceramic blow dryers

They are available at a very low price, and the ceramic coating is applied on the coil. The interior design may also have the application of ceramic. Most of these devices generate infrared rays that cannot damage your hair. For the curly and thick hair, these ceramic dryers are the right options.

2. Titanium or tourmaline. Which is better?

These two materials are also chosen to coat the device for better efficiency. Both of them can be pricey. However, their performance is fifty times faster, in contrast to other blow dryers.

3. Blow dryers of various designs

Now, by assessing the hair dryer design, we have categorized the devices in 3 different ways: One of them is the handheld blow dryer, which is very compact in size. It is also best for travelers. Another one is the wall-mounted design that can be found in many resorts or hotels. The third option for you is the salon hood blow dryer, which differs from other two styles. You can find it in the salons and parlors.

4. Other factors to be checked for buying a hair dryer

Factor #1: Hair dryer wattage

It is related to the efficiency or power of the device. The range of this wattage can vary from 1000W to 3600W. For the standard ones, you can find this range up to 1800W. The coil of these dryers may be manufactured with nichrome. While you have thicker and longer hair, you can buy hair dryer with higher wattage. The temperature level will also be high. However, for thin hair, you must avoid high Watts.

Factor #2: Size and weight

It is better to look for the lightweight devices for drying hair. The dryer must have a balance on all its parts. Lots of modern dryers are also foldable, and you can store it in your bag.

Factor #3: Attachments of the device

Most of the hair dryers have additional attachments, including diffuser, and comb pick and concentrator nozzle. By using attachments, you can direct the air to the right part. They are good for the frizzy or thick hair. Diffusers help in lifting and separating the hair for enhancing the texture. It also dries your hair very fast without damaging the style.

Factor #4: Heat controller

There are settings to adjust heat and temperature. Some of these dryers have three settings, while others have two.

Factor #5: Power cord

You have to check its size. The longer ones add flexibility to the movement of the device.

Factor #6: Touch cool

It is a good technology, which prevents the dryer accessories from getting hot. Your head and hands will stay safe.

Factor #7: Automatic shut-off

The device can get deactivated after you have put it down.

Factor #8: Cool shot

It is a button that emits cool air just after you have dried the hair, it can lower the hair temperature.

Thus, you will know how to choose a right hair dryer for your hair after reading this guide.

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